Winston, Not Your Majesty’s Corgi

Winston, Not Your Majesty’s Corgi

As you may already now, our family cares for a well curated domestic zoo, which currently consists of 2 dogs, 3 cats and 5 chickens.  This is the story of the elder statesman, Winston the Corgi

Welsh Pembroke Corgi

Isn’t he handsome?

Winston is a Welsh Pembroke Corgi who came to us as a rescue. His story begins when he was purchased as a puppy at the Quarter Horse Congress in Columbus, Ohio, probably on a whim.  I can only imagine how freaking adorable he was as a puppy.  As it turns out, whoever purchased him was not prepared for a dog with separation anxiety issues.  Especially one with the destructive power of gang of hooligans.

This destructive behavior landed our hero in a shelter.  From that shelter, he was taken in by a kind woman who runs a breed rescue group for Corgis and Bernese Mountain Dogs, which is a really odd combination.  We found him on Petfinder when we were looking for a companion for our other dog, Loki.


Loki and Winston, the dynamic duo

Winston has, what we call, oversize canine boldness.  Basically, there is no off switch on the Corgi machine. He attacks everything he does with the bold confidence of a dog three times his size. He loves to eat, go for walks and meet new people.

This boldness has caused him problems over the years. Such as the time he overheated and had to spend a night in the hospital because he would not stop playing.  He loves to herd things, dogs, cats, chickens; people are his favorite especially young ones.  His exuberant herding has caused him to blow out the ACL in both of his stubby back legs, resulting in two surgeries to repair the damage.

Corgi in a cone

Post-Op Corgi, still on guard duty.

Winston is full of energy, until he isn’t, then he fully enjoys his naps.  We often find him in his favorite sleeping position, white side up.  Because of his short legs, he looks like road kill when he sleeps. This position is doubly disturbing we he sleeps at the bottom of the stairs, because it really looks like there has been a terrible accident.

upside down corgi

White Side Up

Winston is now the elder statesmen of our household.  In his senior years he has taken up new hobbies, such as hiding chewy bones in furniture cushions, under bed pillows and in the dirty laundry and then obsessing about them.  He still enjoys wrestling, although he as adopted a sit and spin method to conserve energy.  Finally, he loves being a farm dog even though the chickens kind of creep him out.

Corgi garden

Gardening is his life

Thank you for taking the time to meet Winston, I hope he has brought a little spark of joy into your day.


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