Stitch Fix K-Pop Concert Edition

Stitch Fix K-Pop Concert Edition

As we established in my last post, Stitch Fix BTS Concert Edition my daughter and I are going on a road trip to Hamilton, Ontario to see the sensation sweeping the nation, K-Pop band, BTS, this week. What does a grown woman wear to such an event?  I have no idea, this is why I turned to my stylist at Stitch Fix for help.

BTS Love Yourself

It’s been awhile since I posted a review of one of my Fixes, mostly because I’ve been busy, but also because I had some dud Fixes and was not really excited to share them.  That all changed when Stephanie came into my life.  She is the stylist assigned to my case after I had two 0 for 5 fixes in a row, and she is amazing.  So when I put out the bat signal for help with what to wear to this concert, I was fairly confident she would know what to do. Like any great super-hero, she came through in a crisis.  Let’s take a look at the outfit she put together.

BTS Concert stitch fix

BTS Concert Outfit

Let’s start with the jacket because it is amazing.  The front is a butter-soft leather, but what you can’t see is that the back is a light weight stretchy material so it molds to your body and moves with you.  I didn’t think Stitch Fix could send a cuter jacket than the one in Piper’s fix.  I might have been wrong.

Let’s talk about this blouse.  That color, Gorgeous!  I am a total sucker for rich burgundy tones so this one made my heart sing.  The cut is perfect, the cute side-tie keeps it from being too long and looking like a smock. It also allows you to leave it un-tucked, because frankly who wants to deal with a tucked=in shirt at a concert? No-one, that’s who.

The jeans fit perfectly and have a dark rinse color that goes with everything.  They are also a great length, so often skinny jeans are either too short, and your ankles are exposed, or too long and you have a big puddle of fabric around your ankles.  Finally, I am not really a jewelry person, but this necklace adds that little bit of flair that makes this an outfit.  I love it.

The other awesome top she sent for my consideration was this beautiful cobalt blue, crochet detail blouse. I don’t think the neckline of this one goes as well with the jacket as the other top, but otherwise, I really like everything about it.

Stitch Fix Cobalt Blue Blouse

What a great color.  Oddly enough this is not a color I wear a lot, but whenever I do people compliment me on it, which I of course respond awkwardly to because, as we have established, I got no style game.  In fact, I wore this blouse to work yesterday and 3 people commented on the color, so there you go, another win.

What’s Stitch Fix and how can I get some?

Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service, that, for a reasonable fee, sends you clothing based on a profile you create.  Purchase an item and the styling fee ($20) is credited towards your balance. You can also get a $25 credit if you use a referral link when you set up your profile.  Follow the link below and fill out your profile.  When you are ready to order your first Fix, you will have a $25 credit waiting for you on your account. Yep, honest to goodness free money.

Stitch Fix Referral Link for $25 credit

After you use that link and set up your profile, click on over to some of these Stitch Fix Reviews to see what you are in store for. Back To School Stitch FixTeen Stitch FixJuly Stitch Fix Review, and May Stitch Fix Review.

Until next time, Tara (aka Dazey)

BTS K-Pop concert

Apparently this is a thing.





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