Greetings and Salutations Gentle Reader:

I’m Dazey Mayhem, well not really but I should be because it would be awesome to go through life with a roller derby name.  Just imagine, “Mayhem, party of three your table is ready;”       “Ms. Mayhem, the doctor will see you now;”     “Mayhem, Dazey……Present!”   So Cool!

A few facts about myself, I am married and have one amazing kid.  My daughter is now fifteen and a professional tenth grader.  My husband is a firefighter and the funniest person I have ever met.  As a group, we curate a small, unintended zoo in Ohio consisting of two dogs (one goofy, one awesome), three cats, a quick-tempered rabbit, five clueless chickens and a fish.

By profession I am an attorney, yeah, I know sounds serious, but while I am good at what I do, I lack a certain gravitas and will most likely never be President or a supreme court justice.  There are certain photos from my wild years that would probably surface at some point and sink my nomination.  And, yes I do mind if you “run this legal issue passed me” while I am trying to enjoy my wine and spinach dip.

I started this blog to write about things not involving other people’s problems, estate planning or business dilemmas. I have an embarrassing addiction to Stitch Fix and ESPN, Ohio State football, and plain M&Ms.  I love yoga and aspire to open my own studio when I no longer have to solve other people’s problems for a living, although my general aversion to the public at large may serve as an obstacle in this endeavor.

Hopefully my blog will make you laugh, think or realize you are wasting your time surfing the Internet again (in that order).

Thanks for stopping by,


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