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Zombies and Wookies and Droids, Oh My. San Diego Comic Con 2013


Comic-Con, what can I say, its an experience.

Upon arrival we realized something was different about this place as we pulled up behind a pedi-cab and Mr. Mayhem says “hey, that looks like the chair from Game of Thrones!” Having not seen the show, I said no, I think it looks like a Thanksgiving turkey, why someone would be driving a Thanksgiving pedi-cab in downtown San Diego in July I could not surmise.

But, as we got closer I had to concede, it was in fact a Game of Thrones pedi-cab.  Only at Comic-con. IMG_0541 (2)

We parked the car and paid a very reasonable $50 for the priviledge, why not, and waded into the madness. Everywhere you looked there was craziness, at every street corner people thrust swag items into your hand which you just accepted because at some point you realize it is futile to explain you don’t need a Defiance key ring, a True Blood rubber bracelet or an Ender’s Game button.  My prize possession of this free crap bonanza is the Sharknado t-shirt.


Street view of the madness that surrounds San Diego’s Comic Con.

We continued on to the actual convention hall.  Now, we did not have tickets to get inside, but this did not matter, the spectacle surrounding the place was more than enough to entertain almost anyone. Behind the convention hall was a life size display of The Shire made completely of legos, the actual mystery machine from Scooby doo and three story tall inflatable Teen Titans, it was madness.

IMG_0549 (2)

Lil Mayhem with her lifesize lego friend.

After taking in as much as our midwestern sensibilities could comprehend we made our way back to our car in its very expensive, tiny resting place.  We made quite a haul that day, and saw many unusual sights but the highlight of my daughter’s day was captured in this picture, which she is now lobbying to have made into our Christmas card.


Yes little one, this is the droid you have been looking for.



Going to the park, California syle.


This is not something you are likely to see in the Toledo-Lucas County Metropark System.

Now, we have a great metro-park system where we live, and I am no stranger to them.  They all have nice woods with paths for walking and biking. You will also find the occasional bench with a vaguely scenic view, and a few boardwalks which meander next to a creek.  But nothing in my park going experience could prepare me for Balboa Park in San Diego.  I can only  presume this is what Shangri-La is like.

The day we were there was the last day of the LGBT festival, so I am not sure if the other park-goers are always so flamboyantly festooned in costume and fancy dress, but I choose to believe that they are. Given that we indirectly attended both the LGBT festival and Comic Con in the same week, I am inclined to believe that in San Diego cosplay is an everyday thing. This may not be true, but it makes my vacation more memorable and therefore, I elect to perpetuate this legend.


Having never been to Shangri-La, I can’t be sure, but expect it looks similar to this.

Balboa Park is more that just a park, there are museums, botanical gardens,  fountains and trails. There is a huge Botanical Building, full of plants and fish ponds and all manner of flora. There are gardens galore; cactus, Australian, Japanese and a seriously impressive rose garden that makes you re-think why you are trying to grow them in Ohio.

My favorite place was the Prado restaurant, I think it may have been my favorite meal of the whole week. This could be because we had just come from the airport and it had been almost 8 hours since I had eaten and I was ready to chew off my own arm, but in truth the food was really good and the setting was beautiful. In Ohio, if something is served, “California style,” it is code for “with avocado”, well I can confirm that it is true, almost everything in California is served with avocadoes, but they just call it food.


Mr. Mayhem and Lil’ Mayhem at the Prado restaurant in Balboa Park, food and fountains, both California Style.