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Oh Yoga Dork, you tickle me so…



I love the blog, Yoga Dork.  It is an irreverent, but respectful look at the sometimes amusing world of Yoga. I believe they use the words “cheeky candor” to describe themselves. Today, as I was avoiding my work by checking in with my favorite web hangouts, I noticed they have re-organized their front page so that it now resembles a news aggregator like the Huffington Post.

But what set my heart a twitter is that I see they have added a section dedicated to Yoga in Sports.  I hope this is going to be a regular feature, as it combines my two loves.  If you have read my “about me” page, and frankly who hasn’t, you will note that I cop to an embarrassing addiction to ESPN, seriously I have a problem.  From Mike & Mike at 7:00am to Coach & Company at 5:00, I listen all day to ESPN radio, its kind of sad, and as I have been told, “weird for a chick.”

The other day my husband had Lithium on our Sirius radio in the kitchen while we were making dinner and I said “hey, that’s the bumper music for SVP & Russillo!”  I had no idea it was really a semi-popular song.  I could feel the eye roll across the room, as he said, you really need to get a life.

Anyways, today’s Yoga Dork post was on the Celtic’s power forward Kevin Garnett.  KG is 36 years old which, in basketball years, is practically elderly.  He is an amazing talent and physical specimen who credits his yoga practice for helping him with flexibility and mental control. What is unintentionally hilarious about this is that KG is his also known for his propensity to drop f-bombs in interviews and on the court in earshot of the general public.  He’s a pretty intense guy, so I can only imagine what a madman he would be without the benefits of yoga.

Another fun feature of Yoga Dork is their find your yogi name chart.  Mine is Summer Apple Sprout, here is the link if you want to know yours http://yogadork.com/news/what-is-your-yogi-name-read-this-chart-and-find-out/.    I really wish my name was Sophia Yvette White because that would make me Feather Sparkle Parsnip and that would be AWESOME!



I like my yoga cool, thank you.



I love yoga, I take it, I teach it, I think it is great. But one version I cannot get behind is Bikram or “hot” yoga. My reasons are three-fold.

First, I don’t really like to be sweaty. If it happens naturally, over the course of a bike ride or a workout fine, but I strip out of those wet clothes as soon as it is socially acceptable.

There used to be a commercial for OFF!, you know the bug repellent, where this guy sticks his arm in a glass case full of mosquitoes and his arm gets sweaty, presumably to show the OFF! doesn’t sweat off, but all I can think of is how hot do you have to get in order for your forearm to sweat. Being heat adverse and highly allergic to mosquitoes, the whole scenario gives me the schimmies just thinking about it.

In Bikram yoga, they keep the room at 100+ degrees, I would be sweating before the class begins. Plus such heat encourages people to wear clothes they simply should not wear. Ever notice how on really hot days all social contracts regarding appropriate clothing seems to go out the window, even the most normal people seem to say “screw it!,” I know my thighs look like tubes of bread dough but I’m hot, so deal with it.

Second, the class is 90 minutes long. All the classes I teach and take are 60 minutes and I have to say, as much as I love it, by the 45 minute mark I am looking forward to final relaxation. Imagine being hot, sweaty and the 45 minute mark comes and you are only at the half way point. I consider myself to be in fairly good shape, but I am concerned I may simply pass out in a pool of my own sweat.

Finally, I have read the Bikram yoga book and I have to say I am concerned about one particular pose. It is called “wind releasing pose.” Everyone who has ever taken a yoga class knows that “wind release happens” and frankly it brings out the second grader in all of us. For the most part I stifle my giggles unless the perpetrator is especially loud or malodorous because I know it is generally unintentional.

Now, imagine if you will, trapped in a room for 90 minutes at 104 degrees with strangers in which such behavior is actually encouraged. Nothing about that is appealing to me. Nope, I am sure Bikram yoga is the great and beneficial exercise everyone tells me it is, but until they deal with these three particular issues, I am keeping my yoga cool.

Too close for missles. I’m switching to guns….


Week 3 with no progress on the weight loss front. The needle on the scale is definitely to the left of the one in 140 but not enough to actually declare it to be 139.  At this point in the process every pound is coming off agonizingly slow, therefore, in the immortal words of Maverick in Top Gun,  I’m switching to guns.

This is a familiar theme in my weight loss career, get down to my regular weight and then all south bound progress ceases.  Now I know what you are going to say, I have heard it a million times, this is the right body weight for you.  And to that, I ask, who is in charge here?  Well, that answer is painfully obvious.

I am aware complaining that I cannot lose 5 pounds may sound, to those who have much greater challenges, like complaining that my diamond shoes are too tight, but this is my personal white whale.  I would like my weight to vary between 135-140 instead of 140-150.  Therefore, I want to get down to 135 and then let the swinging begin.  It is not as if I am asking to be a size 2, I am perfectly happy in an 8 that doesn’t leave lines on my belly.

Which, by the way, have you ever read a weight loss story and seen someone say they lost 30 pounds and now they are a size 0 (which frankly is not a size if you ask me), then you look at the picture and say no way.  I am sorry lady, but you are a size 8, maybe a 6, but no way in Hades are you wearing a 0, who are you trying to kid.  Be happy you lost those 30 pounds, rejoice in the fact you feel better and can chase your kids without losing your breath, but don’t try to over sell it by telling me you are a size 0, I have eyes, I’m gonna know.

After taking a brutally honest look at the situation, I know I am not cheating the diet, so it has to be the exercise element.  Since my Iphone has become to be the center of my universe I turned to it for answers. A while back, my daughter and I decided we wanted to overcome our hatred of running (well, I decided and convinced her it would be “fun” she’s 9 she still falls for that).  I downloaded the Couch to 5K app (C25K), I read about in an article about Jamie Curtis overcoming the same aversion to running.

We did it for about 3 weeks, but because we started in November, the weather and early darkness of day light savings time made us cut it off short of finishing the program.  I am not going to say it was fun, but I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would and we both felt a sense of accomplishment.

So yesterday I starting the program over again, this time on the treadmill in my garage. The bad news is the garage smells weird because the rabbit has her winter condo in there (sorry Butterscotch, but rabbits can be kind of smelly).  The good news is I am working my way through my Gilmore Girls complete series DVD kit, so even if I don’t break the 5 pound barrier, I will have some sharp-witted quips with which to express my frustrations.



YogaDownload luvs u….



My favorite source for yoga on the web is http://www.YogaDownload.com. It has absolutely the best yoga classes available at the best prices. You can download the audio and pose guides for classes of all levels and duration. Most of the 20 minute classes are free so it’s a great way to test it out.

They are having a sale for Valentine’s Day. Use the code Love20 in the promotional code box at checkout and $10 off a $20 purchase. The code should be good through midnight on February 15, 2013.

That’s a whole lotta chill for not much cash. Check it out, you got nothing but tension to lose.


Well that’s just mean…


Ok so I am putting Lose It! on notice, they are just being mean. Now I know, it is not their fault and I should not “hate the player” but c’mon man!

Here is what happened. As you probably know, I have started a weight loss odyssey. I am fortunate that I don’t have to lose a lot of weight, but losing 15 pounds presents its own unique set of challenges.

I started using Lose It! (exclamation point is theirs, not mine) at the beginning of the year to track my caloric intake and exercise. I plugged in my current weight, how much I wanted to lose and how fast I wanted to lose it. In return, I was given a caloric budget to reach my goal. My budget was 1436, seems reasonable, thanks a lot, nice doing business with you.

After week one I gleefully reported to my Lose It! overlord that I lost 2 pounds. It was great to see the little line on the goal graph head south. There were no bells, whistles or other sounds effects signifying my victory, which would have been nice, but not necessary. I carried on, determined to keep up the good work. I am very coachable.

Lo and behold after another week, I was down another 2 pounds, this really is working out marvelously. I reported my good news to my little digital friend and, again no applause, but the graph line movement was going to have to be enough.  My excitement lasted until the first time I went to key in an english muffin and realized, my caloric budget had been slashed to 1390.

WHAT!!! Well, needless to say I Lost it! (exclamation point mine this time). That is just mean. Now the thrill of stepping on the scale and seeing the needle stop, (yes, I use an old school scale, I like that the result can be open to interpretation) is now tempered by the fact I will have to report this success to my phone and I will be forced to either exercise more or eat less the next week, neither option is super appealing because I am a little lazy and like to eat.

In conclusion, I realize it is not the folks at Lose It!’s fault that you are essentially punished for good behavior, I am just saying I am going to blame them.


Striiv for less


As I have affirmatively stated, my Striiv pedometer is one of my best friends, if it could drive, it might be top of the list. Well I received an email from the fine folks at Striiv indicating one can now purchase a Striiv for less and I thought I would pass it on.

If you go to Striiv.com and purchase the pedometer which is regularly $99.99, and use the code VDAYSTRIIV in the coupon box you will get $20.00 off and free shipping. What a deal!
I highly recommend it, check it out.