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Where to Learn about Korean Skin Care

Where to Learn about Korean Skin Care

There are a lot of information resources for Korean skin care out there. Endless YouTube videos, internet articles, blog posts and books. This post will identify some of the ones I used when researching our Korean Skin Care Project.  If you need to catch up on the origins of our Project check out these posts Korean Skin Care Project and Multi Step Skin Care Routine

First Category-Books

Yep, going old school, reading a book. Now, it’s not exactly as old school as heading to the Encyclopedia Britannica, but cracking open a book to learn something has become a bit of a novel approach (and yes, I refuse to apologize for the bad pun).

Two books that I found very helpful are Charlotte Cho’s The Little Book of Skin Care; and, Kerry Thompson and Coco Park’s Korean Beauty Secrets.

Charlotte Cho is the founder of Soko Glam, which is one of the best US sources for purchasing K-beauty products. Her parents are first generation Korean and she was born and raised in California. Cho lived in Korea for five years and got hooked on K-beauty so much that she was instrumental in it’s rising popularity in the US. You may have seen her on the Today Show during the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, she is adorable and I wish she could be my best friend.

Her book is a very easy and enjoyable read. Unlike a lot of books on the topic, this one’s a cover to cover read that tells a story while it informs on the topic. I highly recommend checking it out.

The second book I picked up was Korean Beauty Secrets. This one had a less compelling narrative, but it was thorough and very informative. Put together by beauty bloggers, Kerry Thompson Skin & Tonics and Coco Park The Beauty Wolf this book has a lot of great information, especially the portion where they lay out the beauty routines of eight different beauty bloggers, all with different skin concerns.

Korean Beauty Secrets also provides more information on particular skin care concerns like dehydrated skin and acne. They identify different Korean brands, and give lots of recommendations on products. There is also a great section on makeup.

Second Category- Blogs

This may come as a shock but there is A LOT of information about makeup and skin care on the internet.  When you want to learn about something like Korean beauty culture that vast pool of information can be both a blessing and a curse.  I found a lot of blogs dedicated to the subject, but you have to be an informed consumer.  A lot of bloggers post sponsored content, which while I completely understand underlying the business reasons, the reader needs to understand that these are, at worse, ads; or, at best, personal testimonials.

Also, some of the best sources of information are the blogs attached to retail sites.  They provide a lot of information, but their ultimate goal is to get the reader to buy a product on their site.  With those things firmly in mind, the following are a few of the blogs I found helpful.

Fanserviced-B– This site has a ton of information about all things related to Korean beauty culture, including skin care, makeup, behind the scenes info on brands and much more.  The tone is informative, but really fun and I enjoy reading her posts, even if it’s not a subject I am particularly interested in, which says a lot for her writing style.  I highly recommend checking it out.

the klog– Retail site Soko Glam’s blog is the klog, which I know is a mash-up of K and Blog, but honest my first thought is clogged pores, followed immediately by ugly shoes.  So, unfortunately named, but a great source information.  They feature articles on skin care and while they absolutely promote the products they sell, they also provide a lot of helpful information.

Pibuu–  Pibuu is the Korean word for skin and frankly, it’s adorable.  I want to name my next cat Pibuu, or Jaquizz, it’s a toss-up I guess I will base it on personally.  Anyways… this site has a beautiful, clean aesthetic.  The articles are informative and interesting, maybe not super practical but a nice way to spend some time.  I think of it as the goop of Korean skin care.

And finally, YouTube

If you have a week or two to waste, go ahead and search Korean skin care on YouTube and see what happens.  Let me save you the trouble, you will be deluged with approximately 6 billion videos, talk about going down a rabbit hole, yikes.  Here are a few worth checking out.

Joan Kim– Joan Kim’s channel has a lot of top 10 favorites videos and product reviews.  She also teams up with Edward Avila who is one sassy bit of business and I love him for it. They seem to really know what they are talking about and give some good advice on which products work and why.

Soko Glam-Charlotte Cho– This channel has a lot of information about the skin care routine and the products available on the Soko Glam website.  Their videos are well produced and cover a wide variety of subjects.

The Beauty Breakdown Morgan Stewart’s channel is very entertaining. I’m not sure I learn anything new, but she is so cute and fun to watch that I catch myself going back for more all the time.


Where to buy Korean Skin Care Products.