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Korean Multi Step Skin Care Routine

Korean Multi Step Skin Care Routine

Currently Piper and I have a little mother/daughter project exploring the world of Korean skin care.  To read more about the project’s origins, check out this previous post Our Korean Skin Care Project.

The Korean Multi-Step Skincare Routine.

The first thing you learn about Korean skin care is that there are, at least compared to Western skin care, a lot of steps. I saw routines with anywhere from 8 to 16 steps, and while the number of steps vary, there were a few constants. Here is a list of the steps you most likely find in any morning Korean skin care routine.

korean skin care routine

That sure seems like a lot of steps!

A typical morning routine would look like this:

1. Cleanse (possibly twice)
2. Toner
3. Essence
4. Treatment- Serum/Ampoule
5. Eye Cream
6. Moisturizer/Emulsion

There are more steps like exfoliate, sheet masks and sleeping packs, but you may choose to used them in the evening, a few times a week or not at all. So when someone tries to tell you Koreans have 16 steps to their morning and evening routines, they have probably misunderstood, are exaggerating to make a point or just being a drama queen.

A typical evening routine would look like this:

1. Double cleanse, oil based first, then foam
2. Toner
3. Exfoliate or Sheet Mask
4. Essence (skip if used sheet mask)
5. Treatment- Serum/Ampoule or Facial Oil
6. Eye Cream
7. Moisturize or Sleeping Pack/Overnight Mask

For instance, it would be rare (but not impossible) for someone to use a sheet mask as part of their routine twice a day. Or, you might exfoliate, then sheet mask before a big event, but not every day, twice a day. You would need to have a lot of money, a lot of down time and be pretty obsessed with your looks, so I’m thinking Kardashian possibly. For the rest of us, 7 to 8 steps would be the maximum, which is still a lot compared to what we are used to, but not unworkable.

sheet mask glam

For our project we have decided to follow the morning routine set out above. I will double cleanse in the morning because my skin is a little dry and could benefit from more hydration. Piper will only use the foam cleanser in the morning, but double cleanse in the evenings. We will use a rotation of Exfoliate, Mask and Sleeping Pack, which we have dubbed EMS (I’m pretty sure she tried to make the acronym BTS, but couldn’t figure out how), in the evenings, leaving Saturday night as a wild card to do whatever extra treatment we want, or none at all.

That’s the plan. The next step is to choose the products, there are a lot of products available, so it is going to take some research to find ones that are right for our skin types and that fit into a manageable budget.


There are lots of places to learn about Korean skin care. We will review some the best resources to help learn about the routines and products.  If you are interested you can find that post here on Dazey Mayhem.  I would love to hear your experiences and recommendations.