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Birthday Party Lament of a Working Mom


I am currently in the middle of panic attack, OK panic is a bit strong, but I am agitated. The cause you ask, well first of all, thanks for caring that is why I like you, but I just realized it is February 26th, which means my daughter’s 10th birthday party is this Saturday and I have done nothing except invite a bunch of kids. Damn you February and your curious lack of days, if you had 30 days like all the other months we would have bumped her party to next weekend.

So here’s the situation, I have reserved the community pool and sent out invitations, but that’s it. It is shocking the amount of details that must be addressed for such an event and by the way, I still have clients who expect me to do the law thing all day.

My initial plan was to spend some time searching the Interweb to find beach totes which I would fill with flip flops, suntan lotion, beach balls and other swimming related bric a brac for the kids. Sounds great, right? Well it’s not happening since I totally forgot to do any of that.

I left the house early this morning and stopped at Meijers and Walmart desperately trying to find something to substitute for my fabulous tote idea. I did not have much luck since it is currently 30 degrees and apparently Meijers and Walmart don’t think it is swim appropriate weather.

Then I get to the office and switch to lawyer mode, dealing with the pressing legal issues of the day. Talking to clients on the phone while surfing the Target and Old Navy websites pricing out flip flops. Does anyone else have these kind of days?

At some point it dawns on me that I also need to send a birthday treat in on Friday for her class, and we will need plates, forks  and napkins for the cake, and drinks, oh God I forgot about drinks.  This is when the panic set in, please just shoot me now!

My husband has offered to help. In his defense he is not a slacker, but he has an uncanny way of creating chaos in these situations. For example, when my daughter was in preschool, I had purchased frosted cookies for her class, displayed them artfully on a glass platter and told him all he had to do was meet me at the school at 11:00 and bring the platter.

As my daughter was passing out the cookies I was doing a mental calculation and realized we were one cookie short. I looked at Mr. Mayhem and said, you ate a cookie didn’t you? He gave me his most aggrieved face and proceeded to make up some story about how one supposedly broke so he had to eat it. Yeah, you couldn’t possibly let it suffer.

Another time I dispatched him to a local retailer, known for their chocolate brownies, for Lil’ Mayhem to take to school. Everyone loves brownies, right? What could possibly go wrong? Well you could have a husband who chooses to buy German Chocolate Brownies for 5 year olds. Luckily, there were also some “normal” brownies which I was able to cut in half, but still c’mon man it is the rare young child that likes German Chocolate anything!

So this morning as I hastily bid him good-bye and he earnestly looked at me and said what can I do to help, I just looked at him and said “stay pretty.”