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Stitch Fix Review-July 2018

Stitch Fix Review-July 2018

It’s a great feeling to come home and see your new Stitch Fix box sitting on the porch.  Especially when you forgot it was coming.  Bonus!! This is my fourth installment of five wardrobe items, specifically  chosen just for me and delivered to my door.  Let’s see what I got.

stitch fix box front porch

If you are new to the Mayhem (first of all, welcome) here are some links to my earlier posts about Stitch Fix June Fix Review  and May Fix Review .  My daughter also loves this service, you can read about her experience here Stitch Fix Teen Edition

What’s the deal with this Stitch Fix thing you keep rambling on about?

If you have no idea what I am talking about,  Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service, that, for a reasonable fee, sends you items based on a profile you create.  Purchase an item and the styling fee ($20) is credited towards your balance. You can  get a $25 credit if you use a referral link when you set up your profile.  If you are interested, just follow the link below and fill out your profile.  When you are ready to order your first Fix, you will have a $25 credit waiting for you on your account.

Stitch Fix Referral Link for $25 credit

Since my Fixes have been so on point, I requested more of the same.  Unfortunately, I don’t think I was truly in the mood for “the same” when I opened this box.  On first glance, I saw a sweater, some tops and a dress.  My immediate impression was that I  loved the dress, disliked the sweater and was unmoved by the tops.

The first piece was this really comfy knit top. It fit really well, often these kinds of cross-front tops need to be pinned, but this was perfect.  The fabric was light and stretchy, and it was super comfortable.  The price was a little high for what it was, but it’s a great piece.

Stitch Fix Review knit top

Stitch Fix Review aussiedoodle

Not a great photo of the top, but isn’t Odin the cutest?

Next was this striped skirt. Even though I have fairly narrow hips, the white vertical stripe managed to find it’s way to the widest part of my body.  It’s a nice skirt, light weight, fully lined; but, it is the rare body type that can pull off bold horizontal stripes. I know that vertical side stripe is designed to minimize the width, but it is not fooling anyone.

Stitch Fix blue white stripe skirt

Stitch Fix navy blue white skirt

I love sweaters, even in the summer.  The day I opened this box it was 95 degrees out with 10,000% humidity, probably not the best day to judge a sweater.  So this sweater started out in a hole, the color did not help it at all, and it totally gave off a dowdy vibe. Strike Three.

Stitch Fix gray cardigan

Stitch Fix Cardigan and Corgi

The cardigan is not awesome, but Winston the Corgi has awesome on lock down!

The one piece in the box I was sure I would not like turned out to be the one piece I actually loved.  This top looked gigantic when I held it up, but when I put it on I was pleasantly surprised.  The only issue I had with it was the length in the back, it gave it an art smock feel that I did not think would work well in the office.

Stitch Fix white blouse

Stitch Fix white blouse

I saved the dress for last because just coming out of the box this thing made my heart sing.  It’s a gorgeous navy blue, stretchy fabric, v-neckline (my personal fave) and be still my heart, POCKETS!  I was smitten.

Stitch Fix Navy Dress

Stitch Fix Review Navy Blue Dress

Unfortunately that style came at the cost of breathing.  You see this dress hit me in the widest part of my rib cage, and even though it was stretchy, there was not enough give to make comfortable breathing possible.  Also, because it has a full skirt and is high-waisted, if you could see me from the side it has a tenting effect that makes me look like I am trying to hide a pregnancy.  Heartbreaking.

So the big question, how much, right? It’s actually the lowest price Fix yet.  With the buy it all discount, and my Style Pass (more about that in a future post, it is tres exciting) my total would be $122.00

Stitch Fix Review invoice

The Final Verdict….

But alas, I just really wasn’t into any of these items.  I went back and forth trying to convince myself to keep the white blouse and the navy top, but in the end I realized I have a lot of white tops, and this one was not really office appropriate.  The blue top was lovely, but it would have had to get in line because I have several navy blue tops as well.

This is my first time striking out completely, but I’m pretty sure it happens to everyone.  I am actually proud of myself that I resisted the urge to hang on to items I probably wouldn’t have worn much.  Can’t wait to get my Fix on next month.






Stitch Fix Review- June 2018

Stitch Fix Review- June 2018

stitch fix logo






Before I get to my Stitch Fix review for this month, I want to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who has liked, commented or emailed me kind words about these reviews.  I view this website as my digital scrapbook, and the idea that other people enjoy reading it brings me enormous joy.  Alright, enough with the mushiness of emotion, let’s talk about my obsession with Stitch Fix.

For those of you have just stumbled onto my site and have no idea what I am talking about,  Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service, that, for a reasonable fee, sends you items based on a profile you create.  If you choose to purchase an item, the styling fee ($20) is credited towards your balance. You can also get a $25 credit if you use a referral link when you set up your profile.  If you are interested in trying this, just follow the link below and fill out your profile.  When you are ready to order your first Fix, you will have a $25 credit waiting for you on your account.

Stitch Fix Referral Link

So let’s get to it, June’s Fix has some great stuff to share.  This month I had the same stylist, Taylor, and she seems to get that I like classic, versatile pieces. I asked her to be on the lookout for shorts, summer sweaters or jackets, a dress or skirt and NO ROMPERS! For the love of all that is good and holy, NO ROMPERS!!! Let’s take a look at what I got.

First up, is this eye-catching blouse and about the most versatile pair of chino shorts one can imagine.  I love both of these pieces, they are exactly what I ask for, however what I did not like were the prices.

stitch fix shorts blouse

Fidella Contrast Trim Blouse and Finnegan Roll Cuff Shorts

The Fidella Contrast Trim Blouse by CeCe Sportswear was $73, and the Finnegan Roll Cuff Chino Short by Dear John was $58.00. YIKES!!! Unfortunately, I fell in love with the blouse when I took it out of the box, immediately decided it was new best friend and was already imagining all of the adventures we would have before I saw the price.

Having never paid more than $30 for a pair of shorts I was curious as to what $50 shorts felt like.  Well let me tell you, it was enlightening.  First, it has 2 big hook and eye closures and an internal button, fancy, And, the waist band has this stretchy quality I cannot identify, but lays flat and is very comfortable.  Finally, they don’t ride up your backside every time you sit down, so you have to discreetly remove them as you stand.  I’m not sure what kind of witchcraft this is, but I’m smitten.

Next, was a soft as a whisper, light gray sweater called the Rockland Essential Pullover.  It’s basic, a bit boring and absolutely what I love to wear and at $38.00 it was reasonably priced as well.

Stitch Fix Rockland Sweater

Rockland Essential Pullover Sweater by Mix 41 Hawthorn

Then there’s this guy, the Kolten Denim Jacket by Liverpool.  I had never heard of Liverpool until Stitch Fix, and I have to say their quality is fantastic.  However, their prices will make you wince.  This jacket was a whopping $98.  YIKES squared!

Kolten Denim Jacket by Liverpool

So here’s the thing about me and white denim anything, we are not good partners.  You see, I’m a spiller by nature, I also bump into and sit in things without realizing it. White denim is persnickety, and does not cotton to such behavior. It will punish you harshly and expose you to public ridicule for such transgressions. Therefore, Kolten the jacket and I are not destined to be soulmates. But, if I were ever able to love a white denim jacket, he would be the one.

Finally, this little beauty.  The Alena Knit Dress by Kaileigh ($48.00).  Generally, I do not like narrow straps on anything, I have really broad shoulders and I think they make me look like a 1980’s East German weightlifter.  But, somehow I don’t feel that way about this dress, the fabric is so soft, and the length is so perfect I am willing to work with the straps.

Alena Knit Dress by Kaileigh

So what’s the damage, I’m afraid to look.

stitch fix invoice

Hmmmmm… So what I’m hearing is if I buy them all I will get $80 off? Interesting. That’s basically getting the dress and the sweater for free.  Let the rationalizing begin.

I have heard tell of a Facebook group where you can buy, sell and trade Stitch Fix clothing so I may check that out.  In a perfect world, I would be able to sell the jacket and then keep all the other items and the discount.  I believe a little research is in order, I still have a couple days to decide, I will keep you posted on what I end up doing.

If after reading this post, you think you might like to have your own Stitch Fix adventure, please be sure to use a referral code, even if it isn’t mine.  Don’t be a fool like me and get so excited you go right to the site and sign up. That $25 credit comes in really handy when you are trying to decide what you can afford to keep.  You can click through the link below and set up your profile, but you don’t have to schedule a fix until you are ready.  Have Fun!

Stitch Fix Referral Link



Another Stitch Fix Convert. Fix #1 and #2.

Another Stitch Fix Convert.  Fix #1 and #2.

Yes, it’s true I have become a Stitch Fix evangelical. I realized a few months back that I have no idea how to update my wardrobe anymore, and frankly at this point, I am just not motivated enough to learn. So after hearing from everyone that I should check out Stitch Fix, I gave it a try. The following is my experience.

If you don’t know, Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service, that, for a reasonable fee, sends you items based on a profile you create.  If you choose to purchase an item, the styling fee ($20) is credited towards your balance. You can also get a $25 credit if you use someone’s referral link when you create your profile.  Here is my link if you have any interest in trying this service   https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/12153084?sod=w&som=c

Just click through the link and set up  your profile.  Whenever you are ready, you can schedule your first Fix. Don’t be a fool like me and just sign up without a referral and pay full price, you are literally passing up $25 in savings. Yes, I did that.

With my first Fix, I only kept one of the 5 pieces.  I actually liked 4 items, however, I already have lots of black pants, and even though the ones they sent were amazing, I can’t justify spending $88.00 on another pair. They also sent a jacket and a blouse that were cute, but pricey, and I could not see myself wearing them enough to warrant spending that kind of cash.  We will not speak of the sweater, it was so wrong for me that I have chosen to block it from my memory.

I kept this Mollee knit dress by Kut from the Kloth ($88.00), and sent the rest packing. This dress is so soft and comfortable.  It’s lined so it keeps it’s shape and the blue and white print looks great under a jacket or sweater.  I see this dress and I doing great things together in the future.

Realizing a lot of my resistance was to the prices not the clothes I adjusted my budget to the “cheaper the better” option.  I think they should rename this option, because it makes you feel a little bad about yourself, which is why I initially went with a higher budget. Crazy right? Why should I care if some stylist I don’t know thinks I’m cheap.

Fix number two was a little better.  Again, I really liked 4 of the items and the 5th wasn’t bad, I am just not inclined to spend $55 on a striped knit shirt that I could find at TJ Maxx for $19.99.  This time I kept a super comfortable unstructured blazer and a really nice quality chambray shirt.

The jacket is called the Asa knit blazer by Skies are Blue ($64.00) and it is like wearing a hug.  The sleeves are pre-rolled and sewn into place, so no adjusting them all day.  It has a really nice weight even though it is unlined, and the color blends nicely with other blue items which is not always the case when it come to blue.

stitch fixt7

stitch fix t2.0









The “Betty” shirt is by Liverpool ($64.00) and it is simply perfect.  You have to know for me to pay that kind of price for a shirt, something has to be up.  All I can say is if you could put this shirt on and feel how nice the fabric is, you would be smitten too.  I have already worn this shirt at least 8 times.

There was also a white blouse (Clearwater Mixed Material by 41 Hawthorn $58.00) that I loved the looks of in the box, but once I got it on, it just did not fit me well.  Probably because I am short-waisted, and it hung really weird on me.  The pants fit me great, but they were a cropped style and that is just not my jam. I can never find shoes that look right with cropped pants so I just steer clear.

Once again, I thought the prices in this Fix were too high (that $25 discount would have been nice) but I was satisfied with the items.  I sent a note to my stylist again asking for them to please be more mindful of the prices next time, so we will see what happens. I will keep you posted.


Stitch Fix- Teen Fashion Edition

Stitch Fix- Teen Fashion Edition

Piper (aka Lil’Mayhem) has been wanting to up her wardrobe game, and since I barely know how to dress myself, and I know a teenager does not want clothing advice from her mom (no matter how wise and awe-inspiring it may be), I set her up with a Stitch Fix.

If you don’t know, Stitch Fix is a subscription styling service, that, for a reasonable fee, sends you items based on a profile you create.  If you choose to purchase an item, the styling fee ($20) is credited towards your balance. You can also get a $25 credit if you use someone’s referral link when you first set up your account.  Here is my link if you have any interest in trying this for your daughter or yourself. https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/12153084?sod=w&som=c

Once you click through the link, you will set up an account and build a profile by answering questions about your style preferences.  You can also create a Pinterest board with samples of what you like, if you are into that sort of thing. Based on her profile, which indicated she liked casual, boho inspired clothing, this is one of the outfits they sent.

Isn’t my little Gen Z hippie cute?  The top is called the Peasley Cold Shoulder Cotton Top (Collective Concepts), the necklace is the Knox Chain Lariat (Berry Jewelry) and the Margery Printed Wide Leg Pant (Boom Boom Jeans).  Despite the pants being comically long, these items look perfect together, kudos to Kathryn the stylist who put the look together.

She also received this adorable summer dress called the Joseline Knit Dress by Nine Britton.  The fabric is really soft and heavy enough that the dress has a quality feel to it.  Saving the best for last, she also got this Callie Denim Jacket by Kut from Kloth.  The sleeves are a little long, but otherwise is looks fantastic on her.

If you are like me, at this point you are saying, how much, right??? I am not going to lie, the prices are a little steep.

As you can see, the total price before discounts is $252.00 which is a lot more than I would ever spend in one shopping trip.  Once you apply discounts, the price drops to $144, which is $28 per item, that’s a little more reasonable.  But those pants were a non-starter with her, so we’re not getting the 25% discount for buying everything.   Decision Time.

Here’s what she did, she kept the blue top which was her favorite piece. She also kept the dress because it was cute and reasonably priced.  I talked her into keeping the jacket, it looks so good on her and she has already worn it at least 10 times.  And, finally I bought the necklace because it is perfect and I love it. So bonus incentive to the Moms out there, if you do this for your daughter, you may also find something you love in that box.

You can see she got $25 credit for using my referral link  https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/12153084 which you are welcome to click through and use as well.  If you are going to give Stitch Fix a try you may as well start off with $25 in the bank.  Once you schedule your first Fix you will get a referral code that you can share, and each time a person uses it, you get a $25 credit, pretty cool, eh?

In the end, we had a really good experience with our mother daughter Stitch Fix and would highly recommend you try it at least once to see if it is right for you.  Let me know how it goes in the comments.