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Something’s Gotta Give- My Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet





While I neither consider myself large nor skinny, of late I have been feeling kind of out of sorts when it comes to my body. I eat reasonably healthy, get plenty of exercise and take pretty good care of myself, but my clothes have been fitting a little weird. Needing tangible evidence I jumped on my scale to find I had gone above my personal acceptable weight range by a full five pounds. I knew it!!

Since my current health regime seemed to be failing to keep my weight within the 10 pound range (135-145) which I am comfortable with, I knew I need to take some steps now before the matter gets too out of hand. But what?  That same morning while perusing my Facebook feed and saw a post by the doctor that owns the yoga studio I teach at indicating she is leading a Prolon group fast which will start in a few days. Hmmm, you don’t say.

Knowing absolutely nothing about the Prolon Fast Mimicking Diet (FMD), I turned to the world’s foremost authority on all things, Google.  My search tells me the Prolon FMD is a 5 day eating program, designed to rejuvenate your cells, maintain metabolic health and promote weight loss while protecting lean body mass. Everything you eat and drink for the 5 days is provided, you simply need to follow the fairly basic instructions. OK, sounds promising.

I also found that the program is quite pricey. On the official Prolon site the box was about $250. Yikes! Dr. Jen must get some sort of health care practitioner discount because it was only $200 for her group fast, and I say only while simultaneously making air bunnies with both hands.

I texted Jen and asked her if this might be a good thing for me to try, and frankly in retrospect I realize it was a stupid thing to ask. What was she going to say, why no Tara, you are the most perfect human specimen I have ever seen and you should not sully your perfection with the program I am actively promoting. I can really be quite foolish sometimes.

After a little soul searching I decided to give it a try. I picked up my box at her office this afternoon, and plan to start the program tomorrow. Her group is supposed to start on June 1st, but I want to get it over with, so I am jumping the gun a little. Look at me already breaking rules.

The box is quite nice. It’s sleek, with a lovely green print that reminds me of a Spirograph design. Remember Spirographs? Those were the best.

The contents of the box are a little disconcerting. Each of the day’s worth of food fits in container slightly smaller than a Pop-Tart box. There is also a big water bottle, which gives me pause.

I sincerely hope I am not expected to drink more than one of these bottles a day. I know I am not supposed to admit this because there are people in developing countries (and Flint Michigan) who would give anything for clean, safe drinking water, and I sincerely feel for their plight, but I truly hate drinking plain water. It is absolutely a chore.

I plan to write a post everyday of the fast about the experience here in my digital journal. If you are curious about the Prolon FMD, or just like to read about other people’s misery, you are more than welcome to follow along and comment along the way.

Too close for missles. I’m switching to guns….


Week 3 with no progress on the weight loss front. The needle on the scale is definitely to the left of the one in 140 but not enough to actually declare it to be 139.  At this point in the process every pound is coming off agonizingly slow, therefore, in the immortal words of Maverick in Top Gun,  I’m switching to guns.

This is a familiar theme in my weight loss career, get down to my regular weight and then all south bound progress ceases.  Now I know what you are going to say, I have heard it a million times, this is the right body weight for you.  And to that, I ask, who is in charge here?  Well, that answer is painfully obvious.

I am aware complaining that I cannot lose 5 pounds may sound, to those who have much greater challenges, like complaining that my diamond shoes are too tight, but this is my personal white whale.  I would like my weight to vary between 135-140 instead of 140-150.  Therefore, I want to get down to 135 and then let the swinging begin.  It is not as if I am asking to be a size 2, I am perfectly happy in an 8 that doesn’t leave lines on my belly.

Which, by the way, have you ever read a weight loss story and seen someone say they lost 30 pounds and now they are a size 0 (which frankly is not a size if you ask me), then you look at the picture and say no way.  I am sorry lady, but you are a size 8, maybe a 6, but no way in Hades are you wearing a 0, who are you trying to kid.  Be happy you lost those 30 pounds, rejoice in the fact you feel better and can chase your kids without losing your breath, but don’t try to over sell it by telling me you are a size 0, I have eyes, I’m gonna know.

After taking a brutally honest look at the situation, I know I am not cheating the diet, so it has to be the exercise element.  Since my Iphone has become to be the center of my universe I turned to it for answers. A while back, my daughter and I decided we wanted to overcome our hatred of running (well, I decided and convinced her it would be “fun” she’s 9 she still falls for that).  I downloaded the Couch to 5K app (C25K), I read about in an article about Jamie Curtis overcoming the same aversion to running.

We did it for about 3 weeks, but because we started in November, the weather and early darkness of day light savings time made us cut it off short of finishing the program.  I am not going to say it was fun, but I didn’t hate it as much as I thought I would and we both felt a sense of accomplishment.

So yesterday I starting the program over again, this time on the treadmill in my garage. The bad news is the garage smells weird because the rabbit has her winter condo in there (sorry Butterscotch, but rabbits can be kind of smelly).  The good news is I am working my way through my Gilmore Girls complete series DVD kit, so even if I don’t break the 5 pound barrier, I will have some sharp-witted quips with which to express my frustrations.