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Welcome to the Hotel Coronado!

The Del

Such a lovely place…

We recently returned from our summer vacation in lovely and scenic southern California. It truly was a great trip. Now I know you are wondering, where could folks who live in a fabulous and exotic locale like northern Ohio go that could possible compete with the excitement that is their daily lives.  Well I’m here to tell ya,  SoCal is the place.

We stayed at the Hotel del Coronado on Coronado island just across the bay from San Diego. It is an iconic hotel best known for being the backdrop in the Marilyn Monroe film, “Some Like it Hot”  With its sprawling grounds, painted white wooden exterior and red roof, it is quite a sight.

“The Del” as it is called, relies a little too heavily for my taste on its connection to the movie and the fact that author L. Frank Baum, used to stay there. The gift shops have complete Marilyn Monroe and Wizard of Oz sections full of useless trinkets and do-dads, and Some Like it Hot plays non-stop for those who have not seen it.  A word of caution, the movie is in black and white which freaks out the kids a bit.  That aside, it is still a seriously awesome place.

Since it is an older structure, it has it’s quirks. For instance, it smells faintly of litter box, which we determined was just the old wood because we saw no cats, and frankly, it made us feel better about our house which often smells similarly. Now I know it is the smell of historic distinction, and is not gross at all.

Another quirk, they have this really old elevator which is odd for a number of reasons. It is tiny, encased in a decorative cage and only goes up three floors. It is also really slow, I was able to climb three flights of stairs with a child and full regalia of luggage in less time than the elevator took to get to the second floor.  Further, it is manned by an operator who wears a hat that makes him look not unlike one of the flying monkeys in the Wizard of Oz.  The elevator operator is featured in Some Like it Hot, and, judging by the age of the man we saw, could easily be the same guy.

The Hotel is supposedly haunted, although we found no evidence of this. Lil’ Mayhem was on the lookout for ghosts and unless you accept the fact that the TV in our room fizzed out at odd times, she was unable to confirm any paranormal activity. This came as both a great disappointment and relief to her.

Our room with a view.

Our room with a view.

A few other things I learned from my time at the Del.  The ocean is cold, I mean, seriously cold.  Beach yoga is windy and dangerous, the sand is not a stable base, therefore face plants and pulled muscles are a real possibility.  The $25 a day resort fee is in addition to the $31 a day parking fee, and renting a sand bucket will set you back 7 bucks, 10 if you want the shovel too.   And finally, it is possible to accidentally spend almost $100 on a glass of wine, a bottle of Belgian Ale and butterscotch pudding.  All valuable life lessons.



Oh Yoga Dork, you tickle me so…



I love the blog, Yoga Dork.  It is an irreverent, but respectful look at the sometimes amusing world of Yoga. I believe they use the words “cheeky candor” to describe themselves. Today, as I was avoiding my work by checking in with my favorite web hangouts, I noticed they have re-organized their front page so that it now resembles a news aggregator like the Huffington Post.

But what set my heart a twitter is that I see they have added a section dedicated to Yoga in Sports.  I hope this is going to be a regular feature, as it combines my two loves.  If you have read my “about me” page, and frankly who hasn’t, you will note that I cop to an embarrassing addiction to ESPN, seriously I have a problem.  From Mike & Mike at 7:00am to Coach & Company at 5:00, I listen all day to ESPN radio, its kind of sad, and as I have been told, “weird for a chick.”

The other day my husband had Lithium on our Sirius radio in the kitchen while we were making dinner and I said “hey, that’s the bumper music for SVP & Russillo!”  I had no idea it was really a semi-popular song.  I could feel the eye roll across the room, as he said, you really need to get a life.

Anyways, today’s Yoga Dork post was on the Celtic’s power forward Kevin Garnett.  KG is 36 years old which, in basketball years, is practically elderly.  He is an amazing talent and physical specimen who credits his yoga practice for helping him with flexibility and mental control. What is unintentionally hilarious about this is that KG is his also known for his propensity to drop f-bombs in interviews and on the court in earshot of the general public.  He’s a pretty intense guy, so I can only imagine what a madman he would be without the benefits of yoga.

Another fun feature of Yoga Dork is their find your yogi name chart.  Mine is Summer Apple Sprout, here is the link if you want to know yours http://yogadork.com/news/what-is-your-yogi-name-read-this-chart-and-find-out/.    I really wish my name was Sophia Yvette White because that would make me Feather Sparkle Parsnip and that would be AWESOME!



I like my yoga cool, thank you.



I love yoga, I take it, I teach it, I think it is great. But one version I cannot get behind is Bikram or “hot” yoga. My reasons are three-fold.

First, I don’t really like to be sweaty. If it happens naturally, over the course of a bike ride or a workout fine, but I strip out of those wet clothes as soon as it is socially acceptable.

There used to be a commercial for OFF!, you know the bug repellent, where this guy sticks his arm in a glass case full of mosquitoes and his arm gets sweaty, presumably to show the OFF! doesn’t sweat off, but all I can think of is how hot do you have to get in order for your forearm to sweat. Being heat adverse and highly allergic to mosquitoes, the whole scenario gives me the schimmies just thinking about it.

In Bikram yoga, they keep the room at 100+ degrees, I would be sweating before the class begins. Plus such heat encourages people to wear clothes they simply should not wear. Ever notice how on really hot days all social contracts regarding appropriate clothing seems to go out the window, even the most normal people seem to say “screw it!,” I know my thighs look like tubes of bread dough but I’m hot, so deal with it.

Second, the class is 90 minutes long. All the classes I teach and take are 60 minutes and I have to say, as much as I love it, by the 45 minute mark I am looking forward to final relaxation. Imagine being hot, sweaty and the 45 minute mark comes and you are only at the half way point. I consider myself to be in fairly good shape, but I am concerned I may simply pass out in a pool of my own sweat.

Finally, I have read the Bikram yoga book and I have to say I am concerned about one particular pose. It is called “wind releasing pose.” Everyone who has ever taken a yoga class knows that “wind release happens” and frankly it brings out the second grader in all of us. For the most part I stifle my giggles unless the perpetrator is especially loud or malodorous because I know it is generally unintentional.

Now, imagine if you will, trapped in a room for 90 minutes at 104 degrees with strangers in which such behavior is actually encouraged. Nothing about that is appealing to me. Nope, I am sure Bikram yoga is the great and beneficial exercise everyone tells me it is, but until they deal with these three particular issues, I am keeping my yoga cool.